Psychedelic Metal - Progressive Rock

To see them live expect an intense, driving, playful and all heart performance ... Samantha Esslemont & Nathan Wood make up this intriguing, powerful duo. These two enjoy every minute that they spend making music and creating comic cosmic moments. Currently editing videos shot from Joshua Tree, California all the way to Vancouver, British Columbia - So watch out for their YouTube live videos coming soon! This free flowing band makes for an exciting ride. They are incredibly grateful to have a team that supports their drive.

Short clip "Sweet Redemption"

Samantha is a kick-ass Canadian metal musician with a psychedelic twist. Her history as a recording and touring artist in many underground bands has always been with exceptional original acts.

She loves all the bands that have inspired her, the the Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Heart, Bowie, Slade, Kinks and Hawkwind, etc. With that said her whole trip is to find original sound. She is charged by the writing, recording, playing and performing of original music that leaves the listener with a 'wtf just happened' experience! When she writes, plays & performs it's all heart... her desire is for her music to move and inspire other hearts to their own passions of freedom and love to all.

Nathan is a versatile drummer & electronic musician. His history includes drumming in Magnetic and Fan Tan Alley. For sure Nathan is an exciting and an intuitive drummer that blends and compliments when he plays. His style is hard to put into words, he can be heavy, if that's the call - always tasteful - always intriguing. He hits the pocket every time and is the perfect balance for Samantha's original sound. It is one of his greatest pleasures to see people moved by his music.

"Through the realization of our cosmic citizenship, we can accept our own significance and the significance of others, as being of value. Through acknowledging the earth as our shared home and encouraging all of our sisters and brothers to live life to their fullest ideals we can begin to expand ourselves through purpose. With the Good Crop crew I get the experience of being around others who share the vision of being actively involved in invoking wisdom in the future plans of this great world: people that openly express love for everyone."

Show Dates


Jul 13 - Farewell at the Temple

Jun 6 - Sooke, BC Film Shoot

May 30 - Duncan, BC Film Shoot

May 9 - Vancouver, BC Film Shoot

May 2 - Parksville, BC Film Shoot

Mar 14 - Victoria, BC Film Shoot

Feb 28 - Victoria, BC Film Shoot

Jan 30 - Joshua Tree, CA Film Shoot

Jan 26 - San Jose Beach, CA Film Shoot


Dec 29 - The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Dec 15 - The Temple Home, Sooke, BC

Oct 20 - Temple Home, Sooke, BC

Jun 10 - Good Crop Pop Up Video Event, Fernwood

May 26 - Full Circle Tribute, Semi-private event


Dec 17 - The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC Singles Release and Label Launch Party.

Dec 16 - The Temple Home, Sooke, A Good Crop Evening.