Paisley Love Rose



This singer-songwriter wears his heart on his sleeve, pours his love into everything he does and everyone he meets. Expect to be touched by Paisley's tunes. Allow him to take you for a ride down memory lane, that invites your deepest emotions to stir while he hits the notes of raw expression with perfect delivery. Leaving the listener with a full body and rare emotional experience.

Paisley comes with an interesting and colourful history which includes singing with many North West bands over the years.

Victoria could well be known as the City of the Arts with a thriving music scene for well over half a century. Paisley had the good fortune to grow up drenched in this scene. Paisley's father, Jim Smith is the first known Elvis Impersonator in the world and a member of the Victoria Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This gave Paisley a rich and diverse background in music. He admired and would be asked many times to play and record with many different acts.

This has set the perfect stage for this artist to come out with his first full length album. It is this album that we are stoked to be re-releasing starting with the very popular singles, Ghost and You Want to Be Free.

Paisley continues to develop as an artist and is drawn to work with children and is working on his next album.

Paisley with his Dad Jim Smith



Jan 24 - Seattle, WA - Video Shoot


Dec 29 - The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Dec 15 - The Temple Home, Sooke, BC

August 18 - Bell's Bash, Sidney

July 7 - Paul Phillips Hall, Fernwood with Dean G Wolf

June 23 - Good Crop at the Sanctuary, Centennial United Church

June 10 - The Temple Home, Sooke, BC with Dean G Wolfe

May 27 - Good Crop at the Sanctuary, Centennial United Church with Dean G Wolfe

May 26 - Full Circle Tribute, Semi-private event with Dean G Wolfe


Dec 17 - The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC Singles Release and Label Launch Party

Dec 16 - The Temple Home, Sooke, BC w/special guests Eric Harper and Brad Hawkes!.

Oct 27 - Private event at a Good Crop studio

Oct 23 - Fernwood,

My Affiliation with Good Crop

When I was eight, I asked my father, "Father what is the truth about God and life?" He answered, "Son, you have to go out there and find your own truth!" Being eight years old, I took my fathers statement literally and walked out the front door through the neighbourhood streets in search of this truth.

Growing up as I did I chose to live my life to harm none and promote that which brings unity for all sentient beings, fostering that which engenders respect to all living beings including, yet not limited, to this planet.

Good Crop gives me the perfect opportunity to further my philosophy of life and loving service. Reminding and helping others every moment is a gift, live it as a major event itself, asking, 'What can I do to enhance this life with the presence I have been given, I want to make it count.'