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Nathan Wood



Nathan Wood, is an electronic musician who was born into a musical heritage. He discovered his passion for electronic music production while attending film school and found an art form that allowed him to channel his emotions and consciousness into sound. The music in turn transformed his thinking, his heart and his way of moving through life. It is one of his greatest pleasures to see people moved by his music.



Mar 30 - Artists Feed People, Victoria, BC

Jan 30 - Joshua Tree, CA - Video Shoot

Jan 26 - San Jose Beach, CA - Video Shoot


Dec 29, - The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Dec 15 - The Temple Home, Sooke, BC

Nov 24 - Dance Party - Cedar Hill Centre, Victoria, BC

Oct 20 - The Temple Home, Sooke, BC

July 7 - Good Crop Pop Up Video Event, Fernwood, BC

June 23 - Good Crop at the Sanctuary Centennial United Church, Victoria, BC

May 27 - Good Crop at the Sanctuary, Centennial United Church, Victoria, BC

May 26 - Full Circle Tribute, Semi-private event

April 7 - Celestialinks An Evening of Beauty, Good Crop Studio


Dec 17 - The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC Singles Release and Label Launch Party


My Affiliation with Good Crop

"Joining forces with Good Crop and the artists, I have finally found a perfect balance between creative and inspirationally like minded people. My aim is to have a universally positive message and mode of being in my life as well through my art. Good Crop supports this and encourages my need to uplift others through all forms of creativity. I Love Good Crop!"

My Collaborations


Nathan is very grateful to James Love Whitley who graciously provided the cover art for this album. Mr Whitley's other works can be viewed at: