California Trip’n in January

Good Crop artists leave on a California adventure after ushering in a beautiful New Years Eve 2018. We drive through the night and arrive at the most specular beach that the mind and eyes can imagine. The youngest on the journey and myself hit the beach with huge rocks and crashing waves. Two beautiful little girls come running over with offerings of two sand dollars, one in each pocket. We’re off to a great beginning!

James plants seeds:
Our first stay is in an historical inn Living Light Inn at Fort Bragg, stayed in a lovely room upstairs. The actress running the inn was very entertaining and uplifting, very welcoming. Made fast friends with her. Visited the most incredible family with a connection to Paisley Love Rose, beautiful baby boy. Mother works as a master vegan chef, father does organized modern organic gardening. timed perfectly for little James to be filmed in their documentary filmed by Steve Ritchie.

Couple days of Paisley Love Rose practices in retreat in the woods. Led into a most fortuitous moment, we were ever so grateful – guitar string broke – awesome dude Brian Shefrin at the Music Merchant music store stays open for us. We got an awesome metal album from him Tinksweat, also was running a wicked gaming store. Lot of fun and bought some crazy dice. Just all around good experience.  Serendipity – another guest at the retreat was Kristina of Eko Kreations.  Enjoyed a great connection! Her hand crafted linens and baby clothes are wonderful. Before leaving town we stopped at the Cafe 1 for breakfast.  Food was great and it was a beautiful day for a drive.

Drove the coast, the orchards and the wine fields right into San Francisco. San Francisco, what a blast! Came in just in time for the sun to be going down and the lights to be going on. Walked the streets of Haight Ashbury and visited, the Love of Ganesha gem store,  where James had the most wonderful time and got a free bag of gems. Bought one blue neon gummy bear night light – cause that’s a big thing these days and this photo was taken seconds before Paisley Love Rose was found singing on the corner with new friends. When we found him he was very happy.

Disneyland here we come:
What can you say? Three days of straight up fun!  Highlighted by an awesome sweet lady (posing as a street sweeper) who asked if we were having trouble finding something and ended up giving us a Mickey Magic Moment! Free Submarine and Buzz Lightyear! Goes to show that kidding around about jumping on top of a submarine and getting into a high energy good vibe, good things happen!

Paisley also begins his must play and write 24-hour a day second album phase. Laguna Beach, we love you – great shops, awesome friendly people, wicked beach. Sun up, sun down.

Venice Beach – Santa Monica
We’re home at least for a little while. Author and life coach David Firth living the life, hanging on the beach. What a great time. Back up to Disneyland, had a sweet happen stance with an awesome couple, had some good laughs over the bread from our second floor seats in a fun, fast-paced restaurant in Disneyland. The guy was an animation artist that really made sense with his personality and their good humour. Back down to the beach totally become filled with inspiration on our desert plans. Homeward bound!