A Good Crop Evening at the Temple Home

The Temple Home is just as it sounds, a place of welcome and quiet solitude looking out over the beautiful Sooke Sound. This night was hosted by Lulu Love Rose, who met us at the door exuding a mixture of a mother’s aura and elven mischief, the room was buzzing with old friends and new, all looking forward to the evenings musical debut of Good Crop Records.

As the room filled up, all were called to attention by Lulu’s conch, and the groundwork was laid for an evening of love and respect for the audience and players. The first group was vocalist and songwriter Paisley Love Rose expertly accompanied by guitarist Eric Harper and percussionist Brad Hawkes. Paisley highlighted several songs from his newly repackaged album “You Want To Be Free”, including the title song and “Ghost”, both currently released as singles.  He followed up with “Last Night”, “Crazy Things”, the hauntingly beautiful “Ocean of Tears”, “So Deep”, “Streets” and ended with a soon-to-be-released “I Life My Life”.

Paisley wisely surrounded himself with musical excellence with Eric’s virtuoso guitar work providing alternatively sensitive, intricate and rousingly flavourful support for Paisley’s soaring voice, while Brad’s light-handed touch on his pared down drum set was the perfect blend of tone and rhythmic nuance.  By opening with Ghost, Paisley drew on the poignancy of memories of his father ignited by physical similarities – sometimes when I think I see you in the mirror – and shared that deep loneliness when he must face his loss – you’ve become a ghost to me – it’s a song that most all of us, sooner or later will have to relate to.

Paisley writes songs with a whimsical nature, like So Deep, that speak to the deeper fears and insecurities of us all – if I tell you how I feel, will you see me as a fool? – and he brings guidance and wisdom to our journey by recognizing the complicated desires and needs just beneath the surface, just beneath our dreams, in You Want To Be Free – what would your heart say if your mind led you astray – yet brings us back to the basis of all our beings – you are the truth you’ve been looking for… all expertly concise and beautifully rounded thought-streams that are sung with a rawness that tears at your heart and bleeds into your subconsciousness. He plays with themes of good and evil with deceptive simplicity like – I’m fighting on the streets of hell, listening to the doomsday bell – and then hits you with a deeply moving, spiritually awakening ode in Ocean of Tears.

This is a songwriter with something to say and who uses his voice to it’s full advantage by adding an Indian influenced plaintiveness that can set your soul on edge. His live performances reach into your heart and pull you into his space. There will be more to hear from him in the very near future.

After a brief break Fast Girl and The All Boy Band (Samantha Esselmont and Nathan Wood) took the stage and shook up the room! This duo debuted their psychedelic metal/hard rock sound causing an enthusiastic and electric reaction in the audience.  It was a short set that featured, “Here We Go”, “California”, “Fast Girl” and an “I Love Your Heart/Will You Follow” medley – all songs soon to be released as singles. Just to give us a little flavour of what we can expect in the future!

Samantha’s extensive background in punk and metal blow through the songs and yet the sound is new, fresh and leans to a more inclusive hard rock edge. The opener, Here We Go has a multi-faceted, hold on to the seat of your pants kind of ride – just when you think there’s space to breath – away we go again! The follow up, California, didn’t slow the pace a bit but the feeling is different; it has the energy and drive of a locomotive –with a sense of expectation and joyous fun! Fast Girl, her signature song, is an anthem that screams buyer beware, this chick is going places – and it’s a small world, so look out!

This is a definite musicians band, light on lyrics, heavy on sound! Nathan’s percussion creates and expertly holds the space for Samantha’s grinding and eclectic guitar work. While an overall wall of sound is what you expect with metal, Samantha also give you riffs that are sometimes demanding and sometimes delicate – at times it seems impossible that so many layers of vibration are coming out of two people.  This duo really plays off each other well vocally and delivered us a kick-ass set that was short but memorable! Much more to look forward to here.

Between the live performances Good Crop musical artists IN8 and Sonic Dove were featured in the background music. Electronic artist IN8 (Nathan Wood) debuted Begin Again, No Time, and Better Part of Me – all expertly giving a laidback dance vibe that was appreciated throughout and long into the night! We also introduced Sonic Dove (Joanne Craig) and her soon-to-be released single “Painted Thrill”. This girl has pipes! While her roots are in jazz, she’s moving into pop/electronica with a soaring voice that grabs your attention and leaves you disappointed that it’s over. Lots more from these two great new artists coming this year.

Sponsors for The Temple Home event were Celestialinks Chainmail by Design from Sechelt, BC and A Sea of Bloom Floral Boutique from Sooke, BC. A lovely bouquet of roses was supplied for the table at the evening event and the next day’s video shoot. Two Sterling Silver Celtic Rose pendant necklaces were provided as gifts from Celestialinks for the featured performers Eric and Brad – or more specifically, for their significant others!  Good Crop thanks both sponsors for their generous support.