Jocelyn believes that micro chainmaille is meant to be worn by everyone. Her creations have a beautiful look, feel, and weight to them that adds a little piece of luxury to the day.

Specializing in custom pieces for the entertainment industry

Chainmaille is made for standing out! Micro chainmaille is perfect has a custom look and feel that distinguishes it from costume jewelry, every time!

Special Events or Ideas

Whether its onstage or an outing or something as personal as a wedding, let Jocelyn work with you to create your signature piece!

About Our Products

All our products are designed and made with love from the west coast of Canada.  Our custom made pieces are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity (view here). Each package represents the care and attention that goes into creating every design.



Mar 30 – Artists Feed People, Victoria, BC


April 7 – Celestialinks, An Evening of Beauty, Good Crop Studio

On The Road

As a traveling jeweler it’s so fun to get out and see your reaction to new ideas that I’m putting together. Watch this space for locations where you can come and see me work in person!

My Affiliation with Good Crop

I believe that we are all spiritual brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the One God. 

The message of light that we can provide to the world moves me to want to work and be associated with like-minded people who want to lift our vision to the heavens and realize that we are part of the greatness that is and will be. This gives us the strength to be part of the solution for our earthly problems.